Check-List for Spring Cleaning Your Roof!

The extreme weather of the winter is to be followed by the warmth of spring and in spring it is all the more important to make the roof ready to withstand the hot months ahead. Even if no problems were detected and the roof is found well intact, a thorough roof checking during the spring is always recommended to ensure its protection and to avoid complications in future.

Here is a check-list to ensure proper cleaning of the roof in advance to ensure the protection of the roof during the hot months. 

1. Clean the gutters and inspect the condition

Ensure that the gutter is properly cleaned. A professional contractor may be entrusted with the task of inspecting the gutter and carry out necessary repairs major as well as minor. If the gutter is clogged it may cause water overflowing which will affect the foundation of the house. Manual cleaning of a gutter is essential to get rid of leaves, seeds, twigs and other things that might have accumulated during winter. After clearing all the debris, the gutter may be flushed using a hose.

2. Carry out a thorough inspection of the roof

On the roof, there can be a lot of loose materials, wear around pipes or other accumulations. Loose materials will cause accumulation of water under the roof. Also one has to see whether there are any algae or fungus on the roof. The algae and fungus can be destroyed by using strips of zinc or lead. The metal parts of the roof must be checked for rust formation. In case rust is found, that part is to be wire brushed and then primer and paint must be applied.

3. Ensure that roof edge is strong and secure

It is to be ensured that the metal part at the edge of the roof is intact. In case the fascia, coping or any other edge metal is not in proper condition, the roofing contractor may be asked to rectify the same.

4. Check the ceiling

The ice dams that form on the roof during winter may cause stains on the ceiling. Hence the ceiling inside the house should be checked for stains and if stains are found they are to be repaired. The stains can be easily repaired after isolating them.

5. Start from the top

When cleaning works are carried out in the winter, ensure that the roof is cleaned first. Always, the cleaning work is to be started from the top only.

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