Replacing shingles Replacing a roof can be costly. One method that may appear to be a savings in the process is re-roofing (putting new shingles over old damaged shingles). However, depending on your roof, this will likely cause more problems and be more expensive in the long-term. Why? Roof ov...

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Gutter health is very important to prevent water damage to your home. We recommend monitoring your gutters two times a year, Spring and Fall. Spring storms can fill up your gutters with debris and then possibly cause water damage to parts of your home, including the siding, if the water overflo...

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We all hear the expression spring flowers and "gentle" spring showers. But those spring showers aren't always so gentle. Spring is also a time to be ready for storms. Taking the time now to make a plan can do wonders for the aftermath of a storm. Here's some tips to be PREPARED for a storm...

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