Preventative Measures for this Spring Storm Season

We all hear the expression spring flowers and “gentle” spring showers. But those spring showers aren’t always so gentle.

Spring is also a time to be ready for storms. Taking the time now to make a plan can do wonders for the aftermath of a storm.

Five Tips to Prepare for a Storm:

  1. Remember prevention can go a long way. Maintain the structure and exterior of your home, and keep trees regularly trimmed. If you have loose shingles or outbuildings that are already compromised and in danger of coming down, a strong storm can finish the job. The same is true for trees with dead limbs or limbs that extend near your house, especially by windows. Storm damage is more likely to occur in these situations.
  2. Double check your coverage. Make a quick call to your insurance agent to discuss your coverage and to make sure that you understand it. If storm damage requires storm restoration to structures on your property, are you covered to ensure everything can be brought back to normal? Knowing that you’re covered will do a lot for peace of mind.
  3. Have a prevention plan in place that the whole family knows. If there is a storm or flood warning, everyone in your family should know where the safest place in the house is and when they should go there. You should also have a designated meeting place if cell phone service is interrupted. Your family’s safety is most important.
  4. In the aftermath of a storm, stay out of harm’s way. Teach your children to avoid downed power lines and if you have a basement, they should know to steer clear of a flooded basement! The possibility of danger from electrical shock both inside and outside is real. If you see downed power lines you should notify the power company immediately.
  5. Have a storm kit. Keep a kit in your basement, or other safe place that contains batteries, bottled water, protein bars, a first aid kit, battery-powered radio and flashlights. You will hopefully never need it but if you do – you will be glad you have it! Also keep a small supply of current medications in your kit. Rotate out the perishable supplies as needed. Regularly monitoring your supplies will keep safety top of mind for you.

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