Roofing Tips: Four Factors to Consider

Roofing Tips: Four Factors to Consider

1. Replacing shingles

Replacing a roof can be costly. One method that may appear to be a savings in the process is re-roofing, (putting new shingles over old damaged shingles). However, depending on your roof, this will likely cause more problems and be more expensive in the long-term.


Roof overs may lower the life of new shingles because of heat buildup and problems with moisture.

Check your shingle warranty to avoid loss of coverage due to a roof over.

2. Ventilation is important

Ask your contractor what kind of venting will be included with the roofing job to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime.

3. Don’t forget to inspect the wood under the shingles

Make sure to make any necessary repairs to the underlying wood. Placing new shingles over damaged wood would shorten the life of your repairs. It is important to get a thorough inspection.

4. How much wind resistance do you need?

This will depend on where your home is located. This is especially important in areas where hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe weather patterns can cause wind damage.

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